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    In 1972, Bob Cohen, a science teacher in the Peace Corps, began a search for spiritual enlightenment that took him the length and breadth of India. Here is the transcript of his life-transforming meetings with Srila Prabhupada in the holy village of Mayapur, India, the birthplace of Sri Krishna Chaitanya, A True Account.


    A series of meetings with Srila Prabhupada transforms the life of Bob Cohen the Peace Corps worker in India. There in a small bamboo house in the holy land of Mayapur, he finds himself at the feet of one of India's greatest saintly teachers, a teacher who seems to tell him everything he ever wanted to know.

    ISBN 9780892131280

    Bhaktivedanta Book Trust (BBT)

    Pages 115
    Language English
    Binding/Cover Paperbound
    Product Type Books
    Dimension (cms) 18.1 X 11.9 X 0.6
    Gross Weight (gm) 90

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